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1985 Land Rover Defender

The Car

This is Doris, she is a 1985 Defender with modernised visuals and with highly modified running gear. One of the positives about Defenders is that they are so easy to make appear new (we got asked if she was a 16 plate at a petrol station quite recently). Doris isn't your typical Defender, the modifications are for the simple purpose of being able to go offroad even more effectively, and the front winch helps for if the going really gets tough. 


Doris doesn't come with a huge amount of paperwork though there are some old MOTs and sundry invoices including work completed during her time with us. There is absolutely nothing that needs taking care of mechanically. 

Body & Paintwork

The body and paintwork are both in good condition, the shell is solid with no rust and any work that needed doing was completed along with the other modifications a couple of years ago. The paint is very good overall though on the added arches the paint has chipped as is visible in the photographs though this is something easily remedied if you're looking for something that is more of a garage queen than typical Defender. 

Interior Trim

The interior trim is typical Defender, which is to say completely utilitarian. The rear is carpeted and has been fitted with larger speakers though they aren't very audible at speed due to the nature of the tires. 


The engine is in good running order and will be included in the service Doris will receive before the new owner takes her away. It is not a particularly refined engine and is perfectly suited to the workhorse that a Defender is. The engine pulls strongly but isn't overly powerful. 

Running Gear

The running gear is in very good working order especially since a lot of major parts were exchanged for upgraded parts when she was modified and this is quite evident if you take a look underneath. The battery was moved to under the passenger seat and the vehicle is fitted with an immobiliser along with a starter button to make restarting easier in the event that you stall whilst greenlaning. 


Make                              Land Rover

Model                            Defender 90 

​Year                               1985

Engine                           2500

Reg                                C116LTO

Mileage                         168000

Body Colour                 Grey

Interior Trim                 Grey


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