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The Car

​This Fiesta XR2 is in truly excellent condition and has been the recipient of a lot of care and attention by a previous owner. The car has also been upgraded though we are trying to source a full list of modifications from previous owners. These Fords are rising rapidly in price and this is your chance to purchase one that is quite unique and certainly draws the eye. The car has not been used for the last two to three years and has recently been taken out of storage and brought back to life. 


The XR2 comes with some amount of paperwork though not a lot that helps to substantiate the modifications we believe it has received though those become more obvious when you drive the car. 

Body & Paintwork

This Fiesta has evidently been the subject of a restoration and upgrade at some point in its life. The bodywork is all in very good condition and the paintwork is of a high quality with no marks or any other issues. This is a car that you can buy and enjoy with no work needed. 

Interior Trim

One of the first things that you notice about this car are the beautiful red leather seats that really aren't a usual feature in one of these cars or even in more expensive cars. The seats really are lovely and in our opinion make up for the wear that you can see on some of the hard plastics and the two large speakers that have unfortunately been placed through the rear parcel shelf. 


As mentioned earlier we are trying to acquire any information on what modifications the car has had as we believe the engine has been improved because it propels the car along the road quickly and adds to the character of the car. 

Running Gear

The car drives nicely and is a very fun drive. It provides a lively experience that can send the driver back in time. The gearbox is in good condition and shifts nicely. The brakes aren't the most powerful that you will find though they are exactly what anyone who is used to cars this age would expect. The car drives and stops in a straight line though it can be a handful if you press along. 

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1988 Ford Fiesta XR2